Friday, 22 November 2013

Friday Fun

Its analyzing the world

Let's start with Ghana and Nigeria
So Nigerian girls please be warned...when you arrive at the bus station or the airport in Ghana with your boyfriends make sure they are blind folded. Because what Ghanaian girls have as packages...the ass and all you can't compare. Even wizkid has tapped that several times he can attest to this (allegedly). If you use ass pad or hip pad forget it, the guys love the real things. I no fit shout!!!!

Yes talking about ass and hip pad...the women why do you punish guys like that. They walk by the roadside or at the mall and spot a Goddess of figure eight, spend their life time savings on this damsel. After giving them hope for days they take you home and with high expectation and excitement they lay on their bed and wait for the girl.
She comes out looking so.........###
And the guy goes like 'how far where is the rest'

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