Thursday, 20 February 2014


1) Understand Who A Gentle Man is:

A gentleman isn't just someone who can dresses to kill, or controls the things around him and has the ladies at his disposal.
No! a gentleman as the name implies, is a man who is gentle in everything, his walking, his talking, dressing, and most if all gentle on the ladies.

2) Dress like a gentleman

 A gentle man dressing is simple, classy and is very fashionable. Ladies are tired of seeing guys rocking their denim pants with big shirts and huge chains on the neck like dogs (no offense) but ladies want to see those guys dressed on some nice sleek pants, good suspenders, nice belts, good watches and lots more.

3) Be Generous With Compliments

Ladies love compliments, say beautiful things to make them smile, make a little body contact whilst making a compliment, stare right into their eyes whilst complimenting and make sure she blushes before you stop.

4) Know the VALUE OF A WOMAN

Women are like glass cups and men have slippery hands. Women are beautiful, fragile, loving, sweet, but confused, naive, hurt and sometimes desperate.
A woman can make you and break you, she can make u feel dead or make u feel alive.
Knowing the value of a woman makes u know how to handle her.

5) Treat Your Lady Like A Queen

Buy her gifts, give her roses, massage her feet after she has had a long day, buy her perfumes, call her sweet names, let the whole world know she is your woman and stand for her.

 6) Be Intelligent

Being intelligent is very important because you need to be very calculative and know how to handle people and situations and still be gentle at the same time.

7) Be helpful and generous

Try to be very helpful and effective when you need to and also try to be as generous as you can, generous people are loved by many and God blesses generous people.

8) Stay humble

Less bragging, let whatever it is speak for itself. Be real and be yourself, do not try to feel like you are all the 'shit'. People get irritated by that.

9) Be a good cook

Well it's been noticed on many different occasions by different people that men who cook, know how to take good care of their ladies. Many ladies love men that can prepare a good meal.

10) Stay fit

Good physical, mental and psychological exercises are good for the body and mind, and gives you a clearer mind to think critically and dynamically

11) Explore the world

Try new food, clothing, places, countries, languages, know good wines and their roots, know good cars, read new books and be adventurous.


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