Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Ok! Shatta Wale blames his not so impressive performance at the Guiness Eruption concert on his illness. According to his manager, he was discharged from Nyaho Clinic in Accra where he was advised to take a two weeks resting period. But the Ghanaian acclaimed 'king of dancehall' did not want to disappoint his fans so he went straight to the stadium from the hospital. He was not able to perform good enough to compete with Samini, but he tried his best and sang a few songs.

“Well, we decided to keep it off the public eye that is why we have not spoken about it. But it is true. He was given as much as six drips that day and if you watch the videos, you would see the plasters used in covering the string holes on his body. Shatta was seriously ill that night but we were afraid the crowd may go haywire if he does not turn up. It was his father himself who went for him from Nyaho Clinic, got him dressed up and then straight to the concert,” Shatta’s manager said
 But guys we for free the guy small...He has explained what happened


Wasn't Wizkid also sick during the concert?

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