Monday, 3 February 2014


Kontihene might have bitten more than he can chew. He made disturbing statements about Kwaw Kese but it seems the man can’t let those statements lay to rest without replying. After Kwaw said a man was created to be fearful and that is why he looks as such, he has again disclosed to that Kontihene just wants to regain his dead fame, hence hitting hard at Kwaw with such unnecessary comments.

He added that he faked his marriage just to pull publicity stunts to get people’s attention. Rapper Kwaw Kese says recent disparaging comments made against him by fellow musician Kontihene are just a ruse to resuscitate Kontihene’s dead career.
Kontihene is reported to have stated in a recent interview on Okay FM that there is no way he can be compared to Kwaw Kese.
According to him, “I am wiser than him, I am more presentable as well as more educated, our way of dressing is even different and on top of it, I am more handsome then he is.”
Kwaw Kese, also known as ‘Abodam’ speaking in an interview with laughed off the comments stating that Kontihene is just being childish.
“I heard Kontihene is trying to use my name to resurrect his dead career. I think that is a mistake and it’s childish. He can’t do that he’s been dead for ten years and you can’t use me as a way to resurrect your career,” he said.
The ‘King of the Street’, said “We all know that he is trying to use me to resurrect his dead career and I won’t help him do that.”

“This is one person who has even faked the marriage to shoot his name back to fame. He is trying whatever possible to come back into the game. The marriage is basically a publicity stunt,” he added that he doubts if Kontihene is truly married.
Reacting to Kontihene’s comments of being more handsome, Kwaw Kese said, “I don’t want to be handsome. I want to be an ugly [fearful] man…”
Kwaw Kese believes a song – ‘Nonsense’ – he released about ten years ago with a slight reference to Kontihene’s song – ‘Megizigi’ – is still eating him up.
He said it does not make sense for Kontihene  to make derogatory comments about him because of song released 10 years ago.

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