Monday, 3 February 2014


Improving on your self-esteem

Everyone has the ability to improve on his or her self-esteem. First, what is self-esteem? People keep talking about self-esteem without knowing what it means; I will break down the meaning and explain further on how you can improve on your self-esteem. People’s self-esteem differs from the other. Notwithstanding these differences, everyone possesses the ability to improve on their self-esteem. No one can do that for you but you and you alone have the ability to improve on your self-esteem.

My definition of self-esteem is the way you see yourself as well as the way you feel about yourself. It is an overall emotional evaluation of your self- worth. The same way you possess the ability to be happy, is the same way you can discipline yourself into improving on your self-esteem.

Thinking less about yourself makes you have a low self-esteem. To improve on your self-esteem you require enormous self discipline. Come to think of it, if you do not think well of yourself or value yourself , how then do you expect other’s to value you or rather how much value would they place on you.

Some people are so sluggish at everything they do that they give up even before they try; if you are one of these people you are doing yourself no good because you are only reducing your self- worth. When your self- worth has been lowered to a particular point, it will take time to improve on it again. There are negative consequences which could come with it.


1.      When one has a low self-esteem, depression tends to set in. This is because you do not think you have what it takes to do well, you tend to be restless and get fed up of life.

2.      People with low self-esteem can never move forward in life because they tend to look down on themselves 

3.      You can’t make people think well of you when you don’t think well of yourself or see your potential.

4.      The person starts to get angry with everyone even his creator, which can be a sin.

5.      You won’t be able to come out with results (i.e positive ones) after every evaluation or work is done.

6.      Your self-image would be reduced especially from the view point of others.

to be cont.........

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