Monday, 27 January 2014



Is there any reason for you to be unhappy? Just have a rethink, why should I be happy?

There is every reason why you should be happy; you have every reason to be happy. Aristotle wrote in one of his books, that the ultimate purpose of man is to be happy. If you are not happy, what else are you doing in this world? To be happy is one of the reasons why God created us in the first place. When he first created man, he gave man dominion over all the things he created; this is so that man can live happily.

I have an exercise for you, just pause for two minutes and think, am I happy in the present situation I find myself? If yes, you can carry on but if no, state the issues that are giving you sleepless nights, that is making you unable to smile and making you shrink inside and then address those issues head on.

My mentor Brian Tracy in one of his books of self discipline said that human beings are purposeful, striving towards achieving goals and end results. However, behind each goal lies another goal and then still another
goal until you finally arrive at the first moving force in life. This always turns out to be the desire to be happy.   

Everyone wants to ride this latest car, want to wear expensive dresses and make ups, want to live in a mansion, want to look healthy and want to eat a good meal etc our wants are insatiable, after achieving all these the first thing that happens is that our brain releases endorphins that makes us happy. There is no feeling that as good as when u want something, you are able to get it.

You owe yourself happiness; no one else can do it for you.
To be continued


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